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10                                                                                ENGLISH

                     Lockdown                                                  declared  lockdown  for  a  very
                                                                               long time. I became extremely
               This year, the beginning of our                                 worried       about       my
               new    session,   was   totally                                 studies.Fortunately, within a few
               different  from  previous  years.                               days, our online classes started.
               After  receiving  my  progress                                  Now in these online classes, I
               report  card,  I  was  eagerly                                  am having a lot of fun! But I am
               waiting  with  my  new  uniform                                 missing my friends, classrooms
               and books to join my new class.
               However, after a few days, while                                and the sound of the school bell.
               watching  the  news  I  came  to                                I know that one day Corona will
               know that a very harmful virus                                  be defeated by humanity. As of
               was  spreading  all  over  the                                  now,  I  am  eagerly  waiting  to
               World. It’s called COVID - 19. I                                rejoin my friends and teachers
               was very scared to know about                                   as soon as possible.
               it.  Just  then  the  Government      Srestha Das, II D (DS)    Anabadya Das, III C (DS)

                          I play football on and off.
                          I run with the ball,
                          To see the crowd enjoying in the
               I practise perfect shooting.
               Round and roll….
               I kicked right into the goal.
               Wow!My father cheered in joy!
               Hurrah! My fans only enjoy!
               But my dream is to win, “The Golden Trophy”
               And earn victory for my country.
               With a lot of courage and strength,
               I will play till my last breath.
               But my dream is to win ‘The Golden Trophy’
               And earn victory, for my country.                           Subhrajit Haldar, V B (DS)
               For my family and friends, I will play,
               And fill their hearts with joy and gay.           The Seven Happy Days
               Aniket Kumaar Bhattacharjee, III B (DB)
                                                                          Today is a Monday,
                                                                          A busy and a hard day !
                                                                          Tomorrow is Tuesday,
                                                                          Always lucky and gay !
                                                        Shrestha Karmakar, V B (DS)  Thursday is the fourth day,
                                                                          The third is Wednesday,
                                                               Always letting someone stay.

                                                               It is always wealthy and eager to pay.
                                                               Fifth is a Friday,
                                                               The day before two holidays.
                                                               Each day is wonderful,
                                                               As I go to school.
                                                               And every Saturday and Sunday, I jump into the
                                                               All seven days are so happy and cool.
                                                               Aishani  Bhattacharya, III C (DB)
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