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02                                                                         COVER STORY

                                 International School Award 2020

                          Story on The ISA Journey of Adamas International School
               The  British  Council  offers
               the  International  School
               Award      (ISA)     as    an
               accreditation framework for
               schools  to  record  and
               evaluate  their  international
               work and embed it into the
               curriculum and ethos of the
               whole school.
               For  Adamas  International
               School,  the  international
               school  award  has  been  a
               journey of self discovery and
               evolution            towards
               excellence. It has been the
               third  time  in  a  row  for  the
               school  and  we  promise  to
               strive  towards  excellence
               and  challenge  ourselves
               with each passing year.
               As  part  of  the  ISA  action
               plan,  the  school  planned
               and      executed      seven
               different     projects     for
               students  of  different  age    teachers,  led  by  the  ISA well as the teachers. For the
               groups which were titled as     coordinators,  guided  the different         projects     and
               festive vibes, colourful lives,  young  learners.  Students research  based  activities,
               tall   tales    with    trails,  were    involved    in    the learners  collaborated  and
               navigation,     laissez-faire,  international     framework, communicated  with  each
               shoot us with cameras, not      collaborative     curriculum- other. Thus developing their
               guns  and  up  with  hope,      based work and year-round analytical          and    problem
               down with dope.                 international       activities. solving skills. The volume of
               Through  this  International    Students       used      their work  and  the  students-
               School Awards programme,        innovative ideas to build on teacher  involvement  was
               the  school  ensured  in        the     basic     information truly commendable. We are
               bringing      about       true  provided by their facilitators. very     proud      of    this
               internationalism          and   They  learnt  to  explore achievement as during the
               awareness       in   students   beyond the curriculum with process  of  accreditation,
               through  the  action  plan      ease.  It has been a great students have explored their
               leading      to    integrated   teaching-learning  process creativity and innovation to
               curriculum based activities,    that    has    instilled   the  the fullest and have learnt to
               under  the  guidance  of  our   qualities  of  team  building, become global citizens.
               principal, Mrs. Mittra sinha    innovation     and     project  The seven different projects
               roy.    A    committee      of  management in learners as                         contd. page 3
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