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EDITORIAL & COVER STORY                                                                  03

                                                               International School
                Editorial                                      Award 2020

                                                               contd. After page 2
                                                               in collaboration with our partner schools
                                                               –  Corona  Secondary  School  (Nigeria),
                                                               Chehelsoton      Girls    High     School
                                                               (Afghanistan),  Mahjoba  Herawi  high
                                                               school  (Afghanistan),  Shree  Adhunik
                                                               Rashtriya Secondary School (Nepal) and
                                                               Gaidakot  Namuna  Awasiya  secondary
                                                               school (Nepal)- provided great exposure
                 The  festive  season  beckons  us  with  the
                 arrival  of  October.  Mahalaya  is  already  to learners as they shared their work and
                 behind us, but 2020 has turned out to be a    experiences over skype sessions. This
                 strange year in more ways than one. The       not only enhanced their interest in global
                 biggest festival of Kolkata, Durga Puja, is   issues but also helped them to evolve as
                 almost a month away. The raging pandemic      global citizens with empathy and respect
                 has halted us temporarily, but I am sure it will  for  other  cultures.  These  projects  and
                 not  dampen  the  festive  spirit  of  Indians.  interactions have led to self development
                 Students too should immerse themselves in
                 this annual celebration, albeit with caution.  and enhancement of self confidence and
                 Adamas  International  School  has  been      self-esteem  in  learners. A  tremendous
                 continuing  the  online  classes  with  great  sense    of    accomplishment       upon
                 gusto and satisfactory success. For those     completion     of   the    projects    has
                 students who are serious, it has thrown up    encouraged young minds to evolve as
                 great opportunities of new ways of learning.  independent  learners  with  individual
                 Many  have  learnt  several  new  skills.
                 Students  have  also  participated  in  virtual  opinion and leadership qualities.
                 competitions   both   at   national   and     The evidence based 400-page dossier
                 international  levels  and  won  accolades.   was submitted to the British Council for
                 Teachers  and  the  rest  of  us  also  learnt  accreditation and the school has been
                 several  new  techniques  and  skills  which  successfully  awarded  with  the  British
                 perhaps we would never have attempted to
                 acquire. Above all, as students themselves    Council international school award for the
                 have    claimed,   family   bonding   has     period 2020-23.
                 strengthened immensely. So while we are       The awards process is rigorous and a
                 trying to deal with the situation and trying to  detailed evaluation has to be submitted.
                 stay  safe,  let  us  be  grateful  for  the  many
                 positives it has provided.                    This reflects a year to eighteen months of
                 The final term is about to commence. I would  involvement. Once again, our wonderful
                 urge the students to take this academic year  children  did  us  proud!  The  positive
                 as a challenge and ensure that they don’t     feedback  from  the  British  Council
                 lose focus on their main objective.. that of  awarding body reflects this.
                 good results. How they fare in the year end
                 examinations and in the coming years will be  We, in Adamas, believe that achieving
                 actual  proof  of  the  triumph  of  the  human  the international school award is not the
                 mind and endeavour. I am sure our students    end of the journey but just a step forward
                 will emerge victorious.
                                                               in  building  of  a  stronger  global
                                                               community. We thank and look forward to
                 Mittra Sinha Roy
                 Principal                                     continuing the learning process under the
                                                               guidance of the British Council.
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