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SCHOOL HAPPENINGS                                                                        05

                              Virtual Teacher’s Day Celebration

                                A Small Tribute to My Teachers

             They say that it is very difficult to witness
             divinity in this world. Indeed it is, we learn
             to realise her(gracious divinity). When you
             first held my ignorant hand, I felt a
             motherly tenderness. When you scolded
             me for the first time, my teary eyes saw a
             silhouette of fatherly anger. You are a
             guide and a friend. You are FAITH.
             When I walk, you are the steps,
             When I run, you are the urge,
             When I wait, you are the patience,
             When I cry, you are the emotion,
             When I sing, you are the voice,
             When I ride the dream-boat, you are the
             When I raise voice, you are the words,
             When my bare feet choose the red path,
             you are the confidence,
             When I raise the banner of right, claim and                   Soham Kar, IX D (DB)
             liberty, you are the strength,                 There can't be a single special day for
             When I put on the crown of thorn, you are      you. Each day of my life is yours.
             the smile on my face,
             When the NEW WORLD reveals, YOU                HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY
             ARE ME.                                        Thank you
             YOU WIN.                                       Seersha Paul, XI Humanities
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