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06                                                                                ENGLISH


                           My Father was the "kid" of the house.
                           From  damp  towels  on  the  bed  and
                           mum's favorite vase broken to snacks
                           missing from the fridge, a dusty room
                           and    unorganized     belongings,
                everything  that  the  house  did  not  have  under
                control, could be summed up in one word- father.
                Cracking lame jokes was his speciality. He once,
                had drawn two eyes, a nose and a mouth on a
                paper, taped it on the iron and named it 'Iron Man';
                apparently discovered by my little brother who, in
                his excitement had dropped it on his feet. Father
                had to face mum's Hulk that day.                            Aratrik Basu, VIII E (DB)
                Our home was tied together by a very thin but
                strong thread which was my father. Laughing was  what people want them to do. Neither should you.
                his  trademark;  be  it  during  an  actual  funny  Fly, fly away. Let your heart take you wherever".
                situation  or  a  situation  that  required  his  two  So, one day, we flew, high and far. Too busy to
                hundred percent sincerity. It was almost as if he  admire our wings, we were quick to forget the one
                couldn't help the laughter that burst out of his  who crafted them in the first place.
                throat.                                        Father's  laugh  lines  turned  into  well  defined
                Father had made sure that my little brother and I  wrinkles.  His  unsettled  bed  was  replaced  by
                enjoyed our adolescent lives. Seldom allowing us  unsettled thoughts and it wasn't just his room that
                for night-outs, he never, even for once, checked  remained  messy.  Occupied  in  our  own  mad
                or asked for our phones. It was from him that I  worlds, chasing growth, we failed to realise that
                learned  the  difference  between  protectiveness  there was someone waiting for us to get home
                and possessiveness.                            too.
                He always used to tell us, "You both might be  He no longer cracked lame jokes, neither did we
                caterpillars  now,  but  remember,  you'll  be  ask of him anymore. The stolen snacks were now
                butterflies in no time. And butterflies don't care  forgotten pills. He chased sleep instead of us.
                                                               Father accepted it as it came. Old age. He had
                          A Sleepy Day                         lived  his  life,  loved  his  children  and  made  the
                                                               most out of the time that was given to him. He had
                               Deep in my slumber              nothing to be afraid of anymore. It was us. We
                             When came the plumber             chased our dreams so far and so fast that we
                                  With his boys                never knew what we had until it was gone; and it
                                And all their noise            was only then that the epiphany consumed us
                             To break into my heaven           whole.
                             When it was only seven.           Our home remains quiet now. Occasionally you
                                                               can hear the long coughing fits that either of our
                               On the window pane              parents go through. The halls, if you listen closely,
                                 The tapping rain              echo with the remnants of a ten and a seven year
                               All through the night           old running vigorously while their father chased
                              And amidst the daylight          them down and their mother screamed behind.
                                Lullabied me right             The walls still hold the mindless drawings of two
                                 And I slept tight.
                                                               kindergartners and that of an adult's.
                                                               Each room of our four bedroom apartment bursts
                               To cover my dapper              with a million what-ifs strewn together into an iron
                              From toe to my napper            chain that will be tied to our ankles forever. And a
                                I pulled a wrapper             haunting truth overshadowing us always- we had
                               Ignoring the clapper            the time, but we let it go anyway. But father? Well,
                                 It is a sleepy day            like I said, he's the "kid" of the house. And kids do
                                  Heh hehheh!                  make the most out of everything.
                          Aryaneel Majumder, V E (DB)          Sreya Roy, XII Humanities
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