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ENGLISH                                                                                  07

                                    Say Hey To The Madman!

                                                            started pouring down onto us. I ran out to collect
                                                            my clothes with the mildest of desires. By the time
                                                            I came running outside, the clothes were already
                                                            soaked. I took them in and kept them on the chair.
                                                            I lazily crawled back to my couch. It didn’t take me
                       Sitting  on  my  couch  in  a  warm  long to plunge into a deep sleep, considering the
                       evening, my thoughts took me back to  weather was cool, though still deafening! By the
                       the  time,  thinking  about  which  my  time I woke up, the sun had dived into the horizon,
                       mind becomes puzzled. I might sound  the rain had stopped pouring and the surrounding
                       a bit weird but yes, I am one of those  was rather very quiet and calm. The silence was
             people who decided to settle in a countryside from  broken by a high-pitched noise, which I assumed
             a well flourished urban area expecting to get rid  to  be  the  sound  of  a  utensil  dropping.  I  was
             of troubles from my life. Let me confess, it was the  convinced it was a mere cat in the kitchen, so I
             dumbest decision I ever took in my life. I am pretty  lazily  walked  towards  the  kitchen  door. A  swift
             sure you must have heard people migrating to   sudden  movement  just  an  inch  or  two  away
             countrysides and achieving moksha; but believe  alerted me. “It can’t be a cat”, I said to myself.
             me things become worse here. It feels like you  I  was  very  scared.Thinking  that  a  burglar  had
             have stepped into hell’s gate from the entrance of  broken into my house.But after gathering courage,
             a Michelin-star restaurant or sadly, it might be  I opened the door, with a broom gripped tightly in
             even worse, but I can’t explain it in words. You  my right hand. I was horrified to see that it was a
             won’t be able to bear it in the beginning and even  mice. A measly, mice capable of causing plague
             if you give it more time and try to cope-up with it,  and  could  more  easily  infect  your  body  with
             you will start to hate it more and more and blame  Hantavirus  than  you  can!  The  evil  pest  was
             yourself every second for taking into consideration  plundering  my  kitchen  in  my  absence,  and
             such a ridiculous idea.                        escaped as soon as it experienced my thundering
             So, let’s take you back to when it all started. The  presence.It bolted through the kitchen door and
             day  was  pretty  gloomy  with  dark  clouds   entered my bedroom. By the time I got into the
             enveloping the entire sky with roars of deafening  bedroom,  all  I  could  see  was  death  and
             thunder. I was resting on my couch, as usual,  destruction!  It  had  already  gnawed  apart  my
             eyes shut in despair of regaining my strength to  favourite (and only) pillow and had ravaged my
             even stand up. After a few moments, the heavens  bed into plundered land. I decided to break the
                                                            law for the first time in my life, and my downfall
                                                            started right away. I had walked to the point of no
                                                            return, I was a criminal now. So, I decided to do
                                                            what a criminal would! I scooped the mice up with
                                                            my broom and flung it outside though the window.
                                                            After cleaning the mess up and washing all my
                                                            utensils  and  bed  cover  with  Purell,  I  suddenly
                                                            heard a window break in the living room. When I
                                                            got there, I saw a red cricket ball lying on the
                                                            ground. I immediately realized that it belonged to
                                                            the neighbour’s kid, who played cricket with his
                                                            goat on the roof. It was the third time in this very
                                                            month that he broke my window. He never admits
                                                            to have broken my window, and the kid’s parents
                                                            don’t believe what I say. I always have to repair it
                                                            at my own expense. On top of that, whenever I
                                                            complain about the kid, he throws another red ball
                                                            at my eye socket, which promptly turns it blue, not
                                                            red,  surprisingly!  His  behavior  is  pretty
                                                            reasonable! Every man defends his wife and so
                                                            did  this  boy,  who  had  married  the  goat
                                                            immediately before his father was going to turn
                      Bitasta Mukhopadhyay, IX D (DB)                                        contd. page 8
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