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08                                                                                ENGLISH

                   Mandala Art: The Circle Of Life                             symbolically   and     literally
                                                                               represent   and   mean    the
                          During         this                                  Universe,   and   depict   the
                          Lockdown period, we                                  symmetry and the wholeness of
                          often  come  across                                  a body.
                          advertisements,                                      Mandalas can be a synthesis of
                          offering  to  train  us                              black and white, as well as of
               online on how to draw Mandalas.                                 other colours, which signify the
               So, let us know what Mandalas                                   different shades of life.
               are.                                                            Being  pieces  of  eye-catching
               Mandalas     are   geometrical      Atreyi Mukherjee, VII A (DS)  artwork,  Mandalas have found
               designs, often concentric circles,                              a  prominent  position  in  living
               inside  which  there  is  an    Mandalas  have  a  deep  and    rooms  and  drawing  rooms  of
               extraordinary  fusion  of  intricate  significant  spiritual  meaning,  houses, in hotels, and in lobbies
               shapes  and  patterns.  Not  only  both  in  Buddhism  and  in  of restaurants.
               circles, but also other geometric  Hinduism,  and  are  used  for  Debapriya  Majumdar,  VIII  C
               outlines can constitute a Mandala.  meditation.     Mandalas    (DB)

                      Say Hey To The Madman!                   have  soon  turned  serious  if  Natalie  Portman
                                                               wouldn’t have been cast in Thor 4. But we were
               contd. After page 7                             wrong,  Thor  wanted  Gal  Gadot  to  play  Jane
               his fiancée into lamb chops. I don’t know why all  Foster  and  we  couldn’t  free  her  from  the  DC
               of this happens with me, but I strongly believe that  people in time! He did not forgive us and it was a
               my  window  was  the  obstruction  between  the  hell of a night! Even though my house is on higher
               talented young boy and his cricketing deeds. I felt  ground,  the  rain  washed  up  my  hippie  shoes,
               drowsy and sat back on the couch. That’s when I  which I was not too keen to give for dry-cleaning.
               noticed the heap of wet clothes staring at me from  The worst part is that I was too over-confident with
               the  armchair  in  front  of  me.  I  had  completely  how  stealthy  I  am.  I  wasn’t  prepared  to  put
               forgotten about the wet clothes so I wanted them  washing powder into my shoes when it would be
               to  be  forgotten,  forever!  I  switched  on  the  drenched by the rain. It was really bad because I
               television set and tuned in to my favourite channel  used  to  smell  something  really  bad  near  my
               hoping that they would be airing something I may  porch, but I couldn’t figure out what was it coming
               like.  Unfortunately,  they  were  airing  the  most  from. Then I noticed that my neighbor started to
               depressing show ever created, which is “Thomas  grow  these  weird  and  ugly  looking  lilies  in  his
               and his friends”. Not only does it preach global  backyard.  I  had  to  stop  going  to  his  house
               warming, it also makes children believe that there  because  he  had  a  weird  habit  of  shaking
               are actually trains which can “drive” themselves  everyone’s hand and whenever I saw him he was
               and “talk” while doing so! Just kidding! I love it…I  playing with his obnoxious little flowers.  These
               just hate the fat person in a tuxedo who thinks he  kinds of incidents occur every day, and it was on
               can talk to a train.                            one  fine  morning  that  I  decided  to  leave  this
               Well I thought things couldn't get any worse than  troublesome life behind once and for all. This was
               this, but then, my expectations deceived me...  At  an abrupt decision but I think it paid off because
               first  I  didn't  initially  care  much  about  the  rain,  now  I  am  living  a  life  beyond  my  worst
               because I was more into thinking about fixing my  imaginations. I think I need to see a psychiatrist
               window.  But  unfortunately  the  rain  didn't  stop  soon because I am turning insane or that’s what I
               within an hour like it usually does. It went on and  think. Insanity is doing the same thing over and
               on mercilessly. Suddenly I saw a few human-like  over again and expecting different results. Every
               figures jumping outside my house. I knew for sure  day in the morning after drinking a cup of tea, I
               that it was Joker kicking batman around because  always see the sun shining in the sky. The thing
               he didn’t realise that this was San Marcos, not  is that on weekends I expect the moon to shine at
               Gotham.  Sadly,  they  turned  out  to  be  regular  daytime!  These  things  really  set  me  off,  don’t
               people  after  proper  examination.  The  people  they?
               outside my house were hustling to shift all their
               outdoor stuff inside to some higher land, because  Prajna Halder, Shreya Samanta, Ritam Ghosh,
               the rain was leading to a minor flood which might  Rohit Bag, Uttiya Gupta, X  IGCSE
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