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ENGLISH                                                                                  09

                Unconditional Relative                                 with dazzling daisies and ruby rose,
                                                                       orange marigold and fruitful berries. It
                                                                       felt like heaven staying in the midst of
                                                                       the bustling city. I still have that small
                                                                       seat  where  the  little  me  used  to
                                                             wonder  about  stars.  Growing  up  in  such  a
                                                             scenario where my eyes have seen pollution and
                                                             my soul has felt the beauty of nature,I will always
                                                             have to strive to strike a balance between our
                                                             progress and nature’s preservation.
                                                             Slowly and gradually the time was passing and
                                                             my poetic mind started to realise how inhuman we
                                                             have been to Mother Nature who carries us in her
                                                             lap. What is the fun in cutting down of trees?  I
                                                             wonder  how  people’s  brain  release  melatonin
                                                             after they take a life away. Nature is the ultimate
                                                             mother!    She  deserves  respect.  She  deserves
                                                             care. She deserves to prosper.
                                                             We cannot be so inhuman to her, we need to pay
                                                             her debt of life. No matter how much it costs, no
                                                             matter whatever it takes… why not appreciate the
                                                             dissolute  fragrance  in  fruity  air,  the  glittering
                                                             sunshine and tropical delights? Why not fall in
                       Mehul Chakraborty, VII F (DB)         love with the beauty of our mother nature.  I can
             Being  born  in  a  metropolitan  city  my  eyes  shout on the top of my voice to change it.  He is
             searched  for  green.  In  greys  and  blacks  and  dead!  You have killed him. You all have killed
             smokes  and  fires  my  eyes  searched  for  the  him." My mother screamed when her 10 year old
             pleasing blues.                                 son died of asthma.
             My mother set up a small garden in my balcony   Aditya Praveen Pandey, IX B (DS)

                   Photography Is My Passion

                        Photography  is  the
                        art   of   capturing
                        things  that  we  see
                        around  us.  It  is  a
                        great  form  of  art.
             Photography     has     many
             divisions  like  wildlife,  nature,
             real-life, etc.                                                friends,  I  found  my  dearest
             Photography is my passion, it’s                                friend  “My  Camera.”  Every
             my hobby and I just love to click                              afternoon  at  about  4:30  pm
             photographs. When I was seven                                  when  I  havenothing  to  do  I
             years old, my fatherbought me a                                spend  time  with  my  camera
             camera, it was my first camera.                                capturing nature and its hidden
             Over the years my passion for                                  secrets all around my house. In
             photography has increased.                                     these few days I have seen so
             My first teacher was my father                                 many new things which I have
             and he still is. My mother and                                 never hopedto see or thought to
             grandmother     have     also                                  exist. I think not, that this is the
             supported me. I love nature and                                end    to   my   photographic
             am very fond of capturing nature                               adventures.I expect to see and
             and other living creatures.                                    capture  many  more  beautiful
             During this long stretch of the  situation when I am physically  things through my photography.
             lockdown due to the pandemic    detached  from  my  school  and  Mayukh Roy, X A (DB)
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