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10                                                                                ENGLISH


                           Hey everybody this a rap for you all           Our School-Our
                           We were very new to each other                       Sunshine
                           But now we are brothers
                           You all are my cool buddy                              A school is a wonderful
                           and I am your Teddy                                    place     where     we
                You are my lifelines                                              students,   experience
                and sunshine                                                      awesome      memories
                During these lockdown the school days are vanished                and enjoy interesting life
                and our jolly moments are unable to cherish            lessons. It is our second home, our
                Up and down in the stairs                              sunshine, which helps us to become
                Made us do prayers                                     a  responsible  citizen  and  builds  a
                I will never forget our scandal                        better  future.  It  is  a  sacred  place
                Which was unable to handle                             where  education  is  imparted  to
                Our 5:6 football team                                  develop  a  smarter  and  stronger
                Was very Extreme                                       nation  for  tomorrow.  Our  school,
                Thank you for listening everyone                       Adamas  International  School,  is
                And this pandemic will soon be won by Indians          always  shining  like  the  bright  sun
                Keshav Mohta IX  IGCSE                                 and guiding our glorious future.
                                                                       My school is very big and beautiful !
                                                                       The  classrooms  are  big  and  airy.
                Dance To A Rap                                         There is also a clean swimming pool
                                                                       where we love to swim. In the large
                           Oh! I wanna dance to a rap.                 auditorium, we have the privilege to
                           My legs gonna go tap tap tap!               participate, in debates,quizzes, and
                           You gotta keep going on the beat,           other co-curricular activities. I really
                           and make your moves look fancy and neat.    enjoy having lunch in the big dining
                           For ballet, you gotta turn and turn,        hall with my friends and teachers.
                Make the dance floor burn and burn.                    My school is one of the best schools
                Gently swaying on tippy toes,                          with  multiple  facilities.  I  am  very
                Often showing some elegant bows.                       fortunate to be a part ofsuch a lovely
                Trendy music on, time for hip hop.                     school where “EDUCATION IS THE
                It’s more than just eating a lollipop.                 WEAPON  OF  PROGRESS  AND
                Tap, tap, tap goes ‘tap’ dance,                        DEVELOPMENT.”
                Everyone’s giving a WOW glance.                        Diprojit Neogi IIIA (DB)
                Here comes the one with the best style,
                it’s the one and only ‘freestyle’.
                Show some moves, show some moves, filled with glee.
                It’s about dancing around, fun and free!
                Rocking, Tutting, Flexing and Hopping.
                Locking, Swagging, Trotting and Popping.
                Street dance styles with some music like magic,
                Wow! That’s totally ecstatic!
                Don’t just sit and be a bore;
                People are calling out for an ENCORE!
                Till our feet go, weak and sore,
                we’re gonna keep dancing, more and more!
                Hiya Rarhi IX IGCSE                                            Eshaan khanra III DB
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