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02                                                                         COVER STORY

                                 India’s 74th Independence Day

                                                                             blow to the world. Originating
                                                                             from   Wuhan,     China   the
                                                                             ‘coronavirus’  pandemic  has
                                                                             already affected more than 1.2
                                                                             crore people and claimed 5.45
                                                                             lac lives world-wide. India also
                                                                             has  had  to  bear  the  brunt  of
                                                                             COVID-19 attack with affliction
                                                                             of  7-8  lac  cases  and  fatality
                                                                             count  of  21604  (till  9th
                                                                             July’20).The      successive
                                                                             ‘lockdown’          measures
                                                                             implemented       by      the
                                                                             Government,  since  March’
                                                                             2020,  to  arrest  the  spread  of
                                                                             the    pandemic    saw    the
                                                                             economy  taking  a  hit,  with  a
                                                                             contraction    observed    in
                                                                             national  GDP.  These  were
                                                                             really challenging times. Nation
                                                                             was  fighting  a  battle  on  two
                                                                             fronts,  one  to  follow  the
                                                                             lockdown measures to save the
                                                                             lives    of   people     from
                                                                             contamination    spread    of
                                                                             COVID-19  and  on  the  other
                                                                             hand dealing with the necessity
                                                                             to save the economy from its
                                                                             impending ruin. In absence of
                                                                             any vaccine for treatment of the
                                                                             ‘Corona’  pandemic,  India  like
                                                                             other  countries  of  the  world,
                                                                             has had to do a balancing act
                                                                             with   both   the   ‘lockdown
               Taking  baby  steps  in  1947,  the  ‘Developed Nations’ of the  measures’  and  ‘  carrying  on
               India would have had traversed  world. Being the world’s largest  with the economic activity’ with
               a    long   way    on    15th  democracy  and  faced  with    all possible precautions at the
               August’2020  to  celebrate  its  multitudes  of  problems,  both  same time.
               74th  year  of  Independence.  internal and external, India has  The  ‘Corona’  pandemic  has
               With the gigantic strides made  continued  its  growth  story  drastically   changed   every
               in  agricultural,  socio-political,  amidst  global  recessionary  aspect of human life around the
               health, educational, scientific &  trends, playing a stabilizing role  world,  including  India.  From
               technological areas, India has  in  the  world  economy.  This  regular   domestic   life   to
               transformed its stature among  Indian   growth   story   had  educational,      agricultural,
               its  peers,  during  these  74  unfolded  till  December’2019  industrial  and  socio-political
               years,  commanding  respect    when  the  catastrophe  named  lives of citizens have been
               and recognitions from most of  “COVID-19’ struck the deadly                   contd. page 3
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