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EDITORIAL & COVER STORY                                                                  03


                 We are into the month of August and our online
                 classes are continuing for almost four months. It
                 is heartening to see the students and teachers
                 adapting to the new normal with such elan. The
                 school ICSE and ISC results also brought a lot of
                 cheer. Ritabrata Chakraborty with 99.5% in ISC
                 and Pritha Roy with 98.8% in ICSE as the highest       Independence Day
                 score  call  for  celebrations.  There  were  many
                 students who were close behind and they all need  contd. After page 2
                 to  be  congratulated. A  big  kudos  goes  to  the  severely impacted. All the countries around the
                 teachers, who have ensured that the students are  world, including India, are burning the midnight oil
                 able to reach their full potential.         to find solutions to the challenges thrown up by
                 School  is  not  only  about  the  syllabus  and  this Corona Pandemic. India being a country with
                 academics.  In  an  endeavor  towards  holistic  356 million young people , considered as world's
                 development,  we  are  conducting  virtual  largest youth population, is better placed to face
                 assemblies, extracurricular activities, yoga and  the challenges in the post-COVID world. Youth of
                 martial art classes, debates and exhibitions. This  India  looks  upon  the  fall-outs  of  the  COVID
                 year  will  go  down  in  the  history  of  Adamas  pandemic as an opportunity to explore and make
                 International School as a time when there was  innovative  researches  to  establish  India  as  a
                 perfectly harmonious synchronization between  ‘Self-reliant Nation’. The vast human talent pool
                 teachers, parents and students towards student  of youth has already re-oriented its focus on the
                 development. In addition, these trying times have  combat strategies in the post-pandemic scenario.
                 also taught our students patience, tenacity and the  From  establishing  ‘Start  up’  companies    to
                 maturity to take responsibility for their learning.  exploring  new  horizons  in  research  &
                 Post pandemic, India looks forward to such a  developments in educational & scientific fields,
                 generation that will shoulder the responsibility of  opportunities are available for the  youth of India
                 sustainable development, peaceful coexistence  to pursue their dreams.
                 with  the  rest  of  the  world  and  giant  leaps  in  The  present  world-wide  uncertainty  over  the
                 industrial and economic growth. We hope there  continuity  of  the  Pandemic  is  expected  to
                 will be enough opportunities for our youth so that  continue till a permanent cure, in the form of a
                 they can concentrate on cultivating these qualities  ‘vaccine’, is found by the medical fraternity in the
                 rather  than  prepare  themselves  for  cut  throat  world. Once that stage is reached (possibly within
                 competition  for  college  admissions  and  jobs.  6  months  time),  normalcy  will  be  gradually
                 Only then will India be able to call itself truly  restored and  India would be able to resume its
                 independent.                                journey to reclaim  its leadership role in world
                 Mittra Sinha Roy                            politics soon.
                 Principal                                   Madhumita Mitra, English Dept.
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