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04                                                             SCHOOL HAPPENINGS

                                         Digital Conference 1.0

                                                                             debated and deliberated on the
                                                                             agenda, ' The Elimination and
                                                                             Prevention  of  all  forms  of
                                                                             Violence Against Women and
                                                                             Girls ', with special emphasis
                                                                             on  gender  equality,  problems
                                                                             faced by women and surge in
                                                                             domestic violence during Covid
                                                                             19  lockdown.  The  detailed
                                                                             research    done    by    the
                                                                             delegates was shown through
                                                                             their  performance  and  they
                                                                             also came up with substantially
                                                                             concrete  solutions  to  the
               The Debating and MUN Club of   with great success and sincere  problems.   The   committee
               Adamas  International  School  participation by the delegates  session   was     thoroughly
               organised  the  Adamas  Intra  representing         different  educational and enjoyable.
               MUN Digital Conference 1.0 on  countries. The delegates of the  Anandita    Nandy       XII
               13  th  June.  It  was  executed  Committee,   UN    Women    Humanities.

               Biology Virtual Exhibition

               A Bird’s Eye View of Covid-19 and its Impact on Human Life

               On  1st  July  2020,    Adamas                                per  WHO’s  guidelines.  The
               International School witnessed                                participants  spoke  eloquently
               their first virtual exhibition on “A                          about the overwhelming effect
               bird’s  eye  view  on  Covid-19                               of this mammoth pandemic on
               and its impact on Human Life.”                                our  social  life  and  how  the
               It  was  organized  by  the                                   global economy has borne the
               students  of  Class  7  with                                  brunt  of  the  same.  The
               assistance  from  the  Biology                                programme  concluded  with  a
               department and a few English   light  on  the  current  global  feedback  session  conducted
               teachers. This Virtual exhibition  pandemic that has put billions  by Rosy Mukherjee Sr. English
               focussed  on  ingraining  a    of   lives   at   stake.   The  Teacher  where  the  students
               scientific and creative attitude  participants made the audience  received  an  overwhelming
               in our young students to make  aware of the biological aspects  response from the attendees.
               them      comprehend      the  of Covid-19 virus and revealed  The   confidence    of   the
               interdependence  of  science,  ways in which we can fight this  participants  shined  through
               technology  and  society.  The  pandemic.  While  Niharika    their  speeches  and  it  was
                exhibition  comprised  of  PPT  Banthia of class 7F DB showed  apparent  how  they  have
                slides,   videos   and   live  us  the  right  way  to  wear  a  quickly  adapted  to  the  online
                demonstrations by 21 students  mask, the audience were also  platform of education. Overall it
                of Class VII DB and DS. All the  thrilled  to  see  Rajeshwari  was an enthralling experience
                students  of  Class  7  had  put  Sarkar  of  Class  VII  B  DB  for the students, teachers and
                their heart and soul to prepare  demonstrate  the  process  of  audience alike.
                the  PPT  slides  which  threw  making  sanitizer  at  home  as  Liya Das, Biology Teacher
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