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SCHOOL HAPPENINGS                                                                        05

                                     Blub World Teenage Tunes

                                                              "But mom, dad do we even have any profit in
                                                              doing so? " Complained her immatured youth
                                                              "Dear,    some  things  are  meant  to  be
                                                              unconditional"  While  the  mother  told  her  an
                                                              immortal truth
                                                              "Father tell me why should we feed someone
                                                              whom we know is about to die? "
                                                              "Because...  Wait  let  me  tell  you  a  story  that
                                                              would bid your questions goodbye"
                                                              The  child  looked  at  her  father  with  wonder
                                                              waiting eyes
                                                              While the father began with his voice cleared
                                                              and wise
                                                              "In Japan, as we know walls are built with gaps
                                                              in between two layers of a wall
                                                              So  that  during  an  earthquake  or  any  natural
                                                              calamity the house is prevented from a fall
                                                              A man who resided in Takayama in a house built
                                                              in this way was very stylistic
                                                              He  was  an  interior  designer  and  often
                                                              experimented his house with his thoughts artistic
                                                              One  day  he  thought  he  hadn't  renovated  his
                                                              house for 5 years
                                                              Just  because  his  house  looked  a  bit  old,  he
                                                              jumped up and arranged for his spears
                                                              Excited man called for help and opened a part
                                                              of a wall in his room
                                                              And to see what weird thing was sticking to the
                   Durba Adhikari          Seersha Paul       other side of the wall he put his eyes to zoom
               Blub World had organized an online open mic
               for teen poets called 'Teenage Tunes' on Friday,
               10th July at 4 pm. Durba Adhikari class XII A
               Humanities  of  Adamas  International  School
               secured the second rank. She had presented
               her  beautiful  piece  of  creativity...a  poem
               Seersha  Paul  of  class  XI  Humanities  had
               participated  in  the  same  event  -  Blub  World                                     Ayanika Chatterjee VIII A (DS)
               'Teenage Tunes' Online Open Mic where teen
               poets from across India had recited their own
               poems. Her poetry has been highly acclaimed
               and she has secured the seventh position.

               "Why should we help her? " Said she
               " Because it's humanity dear" Explained we
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