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06                                                             SCHOOL HAPPENINGS

                To  his  astonishment,  he  found  a  lizard  was
                nailed to its feet
                "The body remained in that position for 5 long
                years sustaining the winter colds and summer
                heat? "
                Was the question of the immatured child,
                Imagining its pain of the lizard, her voice has
                become mild
                "But dad, dead bodies fall down then how did
                this body stay? "
                "The story is not yet finished Darlo, wait till the                                    Atreyi Mukherjee VII A (DS)
                morals sway"
                The man touched the lizard to remove it from the
                The nail fell down but the lizard did not fall
                The man thought the lizard was dead
                He realized the lizard was alive when he raised
                his head
                This was an unbelievable incident for how can
                a lizard live in here?
                Without food? Without water? And without fear?
                He wanted to find the truth so he sat down on a  The utter ruthlessness had exposed itself,
                chair                                         Then, there could be nothing worse .
                Looking at the lizard, he thought what does he?
                that life gave it a chance so fair.           The clock was ticking,
                What was the secret behind the lizard's life  The heart-beat whispered,
                That it could get over this unjust strife.    Loud echoes were heard -
                Due to inertia of staying in that hell.       She walked on
                It did not move even after the nail fell.
                After a couple of hours, he found another lizard  Deep within- there was a dream,
                carrying food in its mouth moved towards the  She was awake,
                first one and passed the food to its mouth so that
                it could eat and stay alive                   Dream was sailing through the sea,
                The man's eyes got moist and tears did not stop  Roaring waves shattered the shore.
                to drive
                Child,  this feeling of humanity, love, is injected  The bruised feet walked on,
                in every human being                          The red path smiled,
                Remove dust of hatred and jealously and let   Hearts sang together -
                your thoughts wing. "                         The song of life.
                Durba Adhikari XII A Humanities
                                                              She saw with thousand eyes,
                                                              She walked with thousand feet,
                               APOCALYPSE                     She felt with thousand hearts-
                The sky seemed to be starless,                The moment of victory.
                The path was tough,
                She believed- somewhere there was light-      Lightning struck the gloomy world,
                She was prepared.                             There was an apocalypse.
                                                              Appeared there the stars of hope-
                Days of hopeless screams had passed,          It was a new beginning.
                The pillow, soaked with anguish, was tired,   Seersha Paul XI Hummanities
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