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ENGLISH                                                                                  07

                                            Tattoos and Burns

                          “You         were
                          sleepwalking again
                          last  night.  I  found
                          you  near  the  door
                          leading   to   the
                          basement.”     Ivy
               said, leaning against the kitchen
               door. Blake sighed. She always
               had weird sleep habits, but ever
               since  she  started  having  the
               nightmares,     she    began
               sleepwalking and somehow she
               would  always  make  way
               towards the basement.
               Her nightmares were always the
               same.  An  endlessly  long
               corridor  with  some  creepy
               drawings on the walls, and an
               unsettling feeling that she was
               being pursued.                                    Shreyasee Routh VII C (DB)
               The house where Blake and Ivy
               lived  was  quite  old. They  had  Blake  looked  at  her  left  hand  next moment she was on her
               rented it two months back. The  and yelped. Her eyes widened  knees, trying not to throw up.
               owner  of  the  House,  Jeffery  in  horror  as  she  saw  some  She turned to find Blake, who
               Carrington ,an author settled in  symbols  on  her  hand.  They  looked  as  though  she  was
               Denmark, wanted to get rid of it.  were not tattoos. Definitely not  expecting her arrival.
               A week of living in the house and  tattoos. The shapes had been  “ You are in my dream.” Blake
               a few chats with the neighbours  branded  on  her  skin.  She  said  calmly.  By  now,  Ivy  was
                                                                             sure  she  would  just  get  a
                                              tugged  at  her  sleeves  and
               told them why. Mr. Carrington’s  exposed  her  forearm,  all  of  cardiac  arrest.  Trying  not  to
               younger  brother,  an  aspiring  which  had  been  branded  with  hyperventilate,  she  looked
               artist, was lost at the sea, and  different images. A lighthouse, a  around. She was in a corridor,
               that  was  the  beginning  of  wave,  some  strange  symbols  a very long , dimly lit corridor,
               strange,  eerie  events,  which  and the numbers- 21-09.      but  she  could  still  make  out
               kept  people  away  from  the  Ivy inched closer and on seeing  shapes drawn on the walls. A
               premises.                      the charred skin, stumbled back,  light  house,  a  wave,  the
               “The  basement  was  where     stunned. Blake didn’t respond,  symbols and the numbers- 21-
               Jason Carrington used to draw.”  she just swayed and collapsed.  09.  She  shakily  gazed  at
               Blake said.                    Ivy  screamed.  Resisting  the  Blake’s arms, but they were not
               “How  do  you  know  that?”  Ivy  urge  to  run  away  ,  she  bent  branded.” What is all this?” she
               inquired.  Blake  had  been    down  next  to  her  friend.  She  asked Blake.
               muttering    random      facts  stretched  out  her  hand  when  “ Something has to be done.”
               regarding the Carringtons and it  she felt someone yank her hair,  Blake replied, though she did
               all  ended  up  being  correct.  and she felt herself dissolving.  not sound sure.
               Blake shrugged, when Ivy saw   Scenes rapidly shifted around  “These    drawings,    mean
               something  which  made  her    her, flashes of light filling her  something.” Ivy reasoned.
               gasp.                          vision  and  her  mind  clouded  “  They  represent  the  sea.”
               “What happened to your arms?   with terrifying images. She felt  Blake replied.
               “What ?”                       her feet touch the floor and the               contd. page 8
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