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08                                                                                ENGLISH

                   Tattoos and Burns           Suddenly, there was a gust of  as blood pounded in their ears,
                                               powerful wind, a wind so cold,  throat   constricting   arms
                contd. After page 7            it  could  be  felt  right  in  their  shooting  out  in  a  desperate
                “Jason Carrington, was lost in  bones. A  piece  of  paper  flew  attempt   to   grab   onto
                the  sea.”  Ivy  said.  Suddenly,  right in and settled at their feet.  something. Ivy and Blake were
                the  floor  hauled  them  over,  The piece of paper was a worn  drowning,  and  they  realized
                throwing them right in front of  out   photograph,   of   two  what Jason Carrington had felt
                those     weird     symbols.   handsome men standing at a    just before dying and what he
                Something  clicked  In  their  lighthouse.    The     same   wanted from them.
                mind, and they knew what the   lighthouse which was drawn on  With a start, both of them woke
                symbols    said..   Creativity,  the  walls  and  branded  on  up  on  the  sofa.  Immediately
                future,  and  death.  It  felt  as  Blake’s  arm.  Ivy  could  easily  both of them looked at Blake’s
                though     somebody      just  tell that this was the day Jason  arm. No tattoos, no burns. For
                whispered the meanings in her  Carrington was pushed down    a  moment  they  both  thought
                ear  and  both  of  them  tensed  the  lighthouse.  She  saw  the  that all of it was just a dream
                up, sensing another presence   date,  21-09  stamped  in  the  when a photograph flew in and
                in the room.                   corner. The last photograph of  settle on the floor. They didn’t
                Blake could feel the information  Jason  Carrington,  moments  have to look at it to know what
                flowing down her veins, all the  before he was murdered by his  it showed. The numbers 21-09
                mysteries  unravelling.  The   brother.                      seemed  to  glow  from  the
                more she knew, the more she    “Why?”  She  wanted  to  know.  surface,  challenging  them.  A
                was intrigued she felt. She was  Money,  property. The  answer  silent  understanding  passed
                dying to let everybody know of  just installed itself in her mind.  through them, and they knew
                her findings.                  She  and  Blake  suddenly     what had to be done.
                Jason Carrington was not lost  lurched  forward.  They  felt  Vartika  Manish,  Class  X  D
                in the sea. He was murdered.   themselves being swept away   (DB)


                             Chocolate is brown,
                             It takes away your frown;
                             It’s like molten gold,
                             To get it, you have to be bold.
                             It’s shiny and sweet,
                  Can be a marvellous treat ;
                  You feel really good,                                  Devishi Acharya lV C DS
                  As it’s an energetic food.                  My Little Wish
                  It comes in many a form,
                  Sometimes cold and sometimes warm.                     Wish I were a little bird
                  Stuti Chatterjee VI D (DB)                             Who would fly from dawn to dusk,
                                                                         In the sultry blue sky.
                                                                         You would find me singing there,
                                                                         in the midst of the tree ,
                                                              where the little children were
                                                              playing in the heap of the husk.
                                                              Would you recognize me ?
                                                              Oh ! My Mother !
                                                              Shankha Ghosh, V C (DB)
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