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ENGLISH                                                                                  09

                                                                 Just W’Rap It

                                                                            Hey everybody !
                                                                            This is a rap
                                                                            Put your hands You’ll need clap
                                                                            This is rap on the pen
                                                                            This is a rap on the light
                                                                 This is a rap on the wood
                                                                 This is a rap on the height
                                                                 This is a rap about the floor
                                                                 This is a rap on the door
                                                                 This is a rap on the cat
                                                                 This s a rap about the bat
                                                                 Thia is a rap on the house
                                                                 This is a rap about the mouse
               The Map Rap                                       This is a rap on the fan
                                                                 This is rap on the pan
                                                                 This is a rap on the phone
                          Hey everybody, this is a rap!          This is a rap about the drone
                          Walk with me to travel the map.        Whatever it is  you’ve to write a rap
                          This will be a thrilling tour,         Before the king takes a small nap…..
                          To the quarantined mind, it’s the only  Suranjan Das IX  IGCSE

               Asia is the largest land,                          Write-A-Rap-Rap
               Whereby many countries have oil and sand.
               China and India crown the oil,                     Rap  music  is  a  form  of  poetry.  It  is  a
               Philippines, Thailand own sandy soil.              shortened form of Rhythm and poetry. It
                                                                  is  a  popular  art  form  that  slightly
               Green meadows where New Zealand is,                resembles  spoken  words,  but  is  very
               Have carpeted the soil with alluring ease.         different in its sound and culture. Rap’s
               Come to Australia to feel the heat,                focus is on rhythm, rhyme, and musicality.
               With bright sunshine and scenic treat.             A bunch of highly enthusiastic Class IX
                                                                  IGCSE students has shown their potential
               The Statue of Liberty stands to the blue;          in  composing  their  own  rap  songs  and
               It holds North America with a hue.                 presenting them in their online classes as
               Amazing Amazon assembles tremor;                   a part of their English project. It was really
               South America’s proud blooms better.               enjoyable for all of us to see such budding
                                                                  talents performing live.
               Eiffel Tower personifies love,                     Yagnaseni Sinha, Sr. English Teacher
               The strength of iron pillars grows with every curve.
               Big Ben in London plays tick-tock.
               Europe’s famous detective is Holmes Sherlock.

               Deep dark jungles flock the ground.
               Those what make Africa renowned.
               It’s a rap on a map; RAP MAP RAP!
               Shreya Saha Chowdhury, Class IX IGCSE
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